Who we are

Colher de Pau is an António Lopes project, the owner, opened on 7th March, 2004. This restaurant reflects his taste for the traditional. Here you can find the best of the traditional Portuguese cooking, a rustic decoration and a cosy atmosphere.

His connection to Fado comes from his youth, when he visited the typical Fado Houses in Alfama (a typical Lisbon neighbourhood).

Our main values are the integrity of our products, which are used in our cooking, and social responsibility. We rely on a range of suppliers and partners that ensure the quality levels of our products and services.

We bet on the Arouquesa meat for our main dishes, all the veal meat served is pure Arouquesa quality certified meat ANCRA.

This 10 year experience in restaurant pushed us to innovation and to a constant ambition to achieve new goals and serve our clients best.

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